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Creative Commons is an international non-profit organisation that enables all people to develop and maintain a prosperous community of shared knowledge and culture. This knowledge can then be used, for example, to solve the world's most critical problems and to create a better future for all.

Together with the global community and many partners, Creative Commons builds capacity and infrastructure, develops practical solutions and advocates for better knowledge sharing. This sharing is contextual, inclusive, fair, equal, reciprocal, and sustainable.


CC License

Creative Commons is a set of public licenses that specify the possibilities (or restrictions) for publishing original works and the conditions under which the work will be made publicly available.

Authors offer licensing agreements to potential users through licensing.  Under these agreements, they grant the users some of their copyrights and reserve others. However, the work created can be further developed and, in addition, it can help other authors or scientists. At the same time, it spreads awareness of the author, contributes to his/her reputation and visibility of further work.



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