About Library

The Academic library of University of South Bohemia was created by merging of library collections of the former libraries of Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Health and Social Studies and Faculty of Agriculture in 2010. The collection of Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters was added in 2012. Library of Biological workplaces ASCR, Austrian Library, Swiss Library and American Library work as part of Academic library of USB as well.

The Academic Library provides library and informational services for students and staff of USB and for workers of Biology Centre AS CR and the general public.

Library provides:

  • more than 450 000 books and journals (200 000 items are held in open stacks)
  • tens of thousands of electronic journals and e-books
  • more than 500 study places in various study rooms
  • 100 PCs with internet access
  • wi-fi connection for laptops, mobile phones and tablets
  • self-returning of books 24 hours a day
  • copying, printing, scanning
  • cafe
  • bookshop of Academia publishing

The library collection is stored in two floors of a modern library building. In the first floor are documents from humanities and belles-lettres. In the second floor are collections from sciences, agriculture and medical science, as well as theses.

The Academic Library organizes information literacy courses and workshops about electronic information resources. Lectures and cultural events take place in the club room which is equipped with audio visual technologies.


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